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I am a high kicking, rose-wine lover, with a Boston Terrier obsession!


As a multi-hyphenate performer, fitness professional, and mama, I am incredibly passionate about making people feel like the best version of themselves.


My journey as a performer began with my training in Florida at the Miami Conservatory of Ballet after my elementary school dance teacher told my mom: "with that child's legs and beautiful feet, she needs to be dancing!” Thanks, Miss Bridgette!


Growing up in the concert dance world at 5'10.5", I often found myself in situations where I had to apologize for my height. Immediately after graduating from Southern Methodist University with a BFA in Dance Performance (as well as degrees in Math and Business), I moved to New York City to pursue my passion for performing. I thought I was going to continue the concert dance path and auditioned for several modern companies with high hopes. I made it to the end of an audition for what I thought was my dream company and after the dancing portion, was individually interviewed by the directors of the company who told me: “we can’t afford to hire you because we need someone who can blend in with the ensemble.”


From that day forward, I vowed to not apologize for things I could not control.  I became increasingly passionate about musical theater.  In theater, I saw then and still see a world in which everyone has a place and is celebrated for exactly who they are and the unique attributes and creativity they bring to the table.  I continue to be grateful to be on this wild ride alongside incredible artists every day!

I also work as a fitness professional at various gyms and exercise studios across New York City and on Long Island and can be seen in many fitness videos. Especially as a mama, I know how sacred it is to be able to take time for yourself and consider it an honor to be the best part of someone’s day. My goal in every class is to leave my students feeling stronger, more confident, and ready to take on the rest of their day, whatever it might bring. I wholeheartedly believe that the things you work the hardest for in life (and fitness!) are the things about which you can be most proud.  Visit my Contact Me page and reach out for my current class schedule or to learn more about private training opportunities!


On December 28, 2019 I became a mama! My two beautiful babies are the light of my life and I can’t wait to show them how, with perseverance and hard work, dreams can come true.

When I’m not performing or teaching, you can probably find me with my family and beloved Boston Terrier, Ruby, most likely with a glass of wine in hand. 


Follow my adventures on instagram: @katiemitchellneedham

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